How to peel almonds

How to peel almonds

If you buy almonds, most of the time they come with the peel on them. For eating this is fine, but using them in a recipe, you will need to remove the peel. Getting that peel off can be frustrating, unless you know now.

Place a small saucepan of water over high heat until it comes to a boil. Add the almonds and boil for 1 minute, NO LONGER, or they will soften.

How to peel almonds

Drain the almonds and run under cold water to stop the cooking process and cool them down.

How to peel almonds

When the almonds are cool enough to handle, removing the skins is easy. Just squeeze them between your fingers and the skin will come right off. Here’s a video to show you how:

Dry the almonds and they are ready to use.

How to peel almonds

How to peel almonds

Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 1 minute
  • 5 ounces raw unsalted almonds, skin on
  • Medium saucepan of water
Over high heat, bring the saucepan of water to a boil.
Add the almonds and boil for 1 minute, no longer because they will soften.
Drain and rinse with cold water to cool and stop them from cooking.

An almond a day keeps the doctor away

alt Almond butter

Peanut butter has long been the most popular nut spread for sandwiches, but recently almond butter has emerged as a healthier, and I think, more tasty alternative. Now this is not to discount the coveted peanut butter.  I mean getting your kids to switch over would prove to be a challenge that I think most parents wouldn’t undertake. However, if your child or anyone for that matter has a peanut allergy, well then this is where almond butter fits right in.   Where they do share similar health benefits, almond butter is the front runner in this race.

Here are some of the health benefits of almonds:

  • Good source of protein
  • Can reduce risk of heart attack by about 50% when consumed 5 times a week
  • They lower ‘bad’ cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Rich in antioxidants

I prefer to make my own almond butter, I have for a long time and it is easily done in 3 steps, roast and blend in the food processor and enjoy, that’s it!

16oz of raw almonds


350 degrees F/180 degrees C or gas mark 4 for 10-12 minutes.
Allow to cool
Process – 
In the food processor blend the almonds until they come together in a  
buttery consistency, it will take a few minutes and it will clump first.
Enjoy –   
Store in your favorite jar or container and since oil spoils, I keep mine in the fridge.

alt Almond butter

I do this myself a couple of times a week so I always have almond butter on hand, as a whole wheat bagel and almond butter is my usual breakfast. Peach jam on the bagel with the nut butter is a wonderful sweet nutty taste sensation by the way.

Now, almond butter is not only tasty on your morning toast, it can be used in so many different ways:

  • Cut up an apple and use the almond butter as a dip for a delicious snack
  • Make almond sauce instead of peanut sauce for satay dipping or add to noodles
  • Add it to a fruit smoothie for added protein
  • Use in place of peanut butter for cookies
  • Mix in with your oatmeal for a nutty bite