Cottage (not Shepherd’s) Pie

Don't confuse your cottage's with your shepherd's because what most people call a Shepherd's Pie is actually a Cottage Pie. Both pies are derived from the 18th Century where the poorer people, who lived in cottages, would make the pies from leftovers. The difference is, Shepherd's Pie is made with ground lamb (shepherd's herd sheep hence the name) and Cottage Pie (because they lived in cottages) is made with ground beef. 

alt Shepherds pie

I like to add Guinness to my Cottage Pie, which gives body and flavor to the meat. My topping is mashed gold potatoes because I like how creamy they are and I like to mix in a rutabaga or turnip for that elevates the potato mash to a new flavor level. But if you don't like turnip or rutabaga you can leave it out. As an added bonus, the dish makes gravy as it cooks.

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